By Charlie McCormick

Weekend wandering.

By Charlie McCormick

Old and New

By Charlie McCormick

In early Winter i had over 200 bearded iris arrive in the most beautiful packed box i have ever seen, each one wrapped individually and neatly named. A mix of colours, which i have planted above the dahlia border. We cant wait to see and smell them in the summer. This particular morning was a frosty one with amazing skies that created an incredible pink light looking down the valley and across the garden was beautiful. I think it has to be one of the most magical times of the year. Its Wednesday evening and percy is on the table wanting to play and Mavis sound asleep on the sofa, the house is filled with the smell of more marmalade boiling on the AGA. I hope your having a Fabulous week.

Marmalade Season

By Charlie McCormick

We get through jars of marmalade every year, Ben eats it religiously on his toast every morning. I thought it would to fun to have a go at making it for the first time this year. There is such a pleasure in making things from scratch and the lovely thought of having the cellar fully stocked for the coming year. I embarked on making two different batches. One a dark marmalade which i made over three days and the other a more traditional. The Dark Marmalade develops the most beautiful caramel colour and flavour, which thick cut peel and the combination of the caramel with the bitter citrus of the seville oranges is mouth watering. I love a hot piece of toasted bread smothered in butter and good spoonful of marmalade on top with pot of tea. Mornings don’t get much better than that.

Early Summer in New Zealand

By Charlie McCormick

It feels like a long time ago i was in New Zealand. Ben is in London tonight and I’m sitting by the fire listening to the rain batter against the house as Mavis and Henry sleep as close as they can get to the fire. I had the quickest of trips, but there was no time for stopping. I didn’t venture far just up and down the south island seeing my family and some dear friends. Anyway here are a few glimpses from the early summer – Mostly just some cheerful colours. Happy New Year to everyone.

The RHS Autumn show

By Charlie McCormick

I jumped on the number 38 bus and headed for Victoria to the annual RHS harvest show. The show is held in the RHS Lindely hall, a beautiful hall built in 1904. I met our friend Caddy, who had entered in several classes and came away with two first prizes (not bad for first time at this show) . We slowly made our way round the immaculate tables full of fruit and vegetable displays, everything single piece looking its best. It was sight to behold. 


By Charlie McCormick

I love dahlias in all shapes and sizes. The first dahlias Came from Mexico and were introduced into Europe in the late eighteenth century. They were grown in the botanical gardens just outside of Madrid. Soon after the full potential of the dahlia was realised and new cultivars began to be breed.

New Beds

By Charlie McCormick

The new beds we dug in the winter are filling up. It feels like they have been there forever. 

Electric tulips

By Charlie McCormick

I remember the electric red tulips with black hearts in my Grandparents garden in New Zealand. Year after year they would come up in the large rose garden and all over the rock gardens. Those beautiful tulips started my crazy obsession and this spring The Old Parsonage is a riot of colour. You can never have too many tulips, I can’t wait until next spring.


By Charlie McCormick

Tulips have to be one of my favourite flowers to grow and cut.  The crazier the better. As the days and weeks pass they come to life even more and become more and more beautiful. This year I went a little tulip crazy, planting hundreds if not thousands. Its looks like there has been an explosion of colour.